Thank you to everyone who participated! We hope to see you next year.

1st Place: -14 – 57

Chris Eidem

2nd Place: -13 – 58

Bob Gruber
Sam Anzures
Chuck McCoy

3rd Place: -12 – 59

Justin Meis
Darren Hurt
Keegan Timson
Mike Polzin

4th Place: -11 – 60

Shawn McGuire
Charlie Wasserburger
Greg Shriber
Steve Bishop

Pin Prizes:

1-Jon Juhler
2-Sam Anzures
3-Sam Anzures
4-Scott Crawford
5-Scott Crawford
6-Ryan Bartling
7-Bob Gruber
8-Jon Juhler
9-Zach Krauss
10- Tyler Chesnut
11-Scott George
12-Steve Bishop
13-Sam Anzures
14-Bob Gruber
15-Sam Anzures
16-Chuck McCoy
17-Jon Henne Jr
18-Mike Polzin