Chili Open Golf Tournament Results

1st Flight

1st Place: Brian Towner, Adam Palmer, Alex Svehla, Will – 56
2nd Place: Cathleen Marsh, Charleen Marsh, Chad Marsh, Jim Skarzynski – 56
3rd Place: Darren Dubsky, Dubsky, Dubsky, Dubsky – 56
4th Place: Tyler Weiss, Weiss, Weiss, Weiss – 57

2nd Flight

1st Place: Luke St Romain, St Romain, St Romain, St Romain – 61
2nd Place: Grant Cannon, Cannon, Cannon, Cannon – 62
3rd Place: Logan West, West, West, West – 63
4th Place: Perry DeGroote, DeGroote, DeGroote, DeGroote – 63

3rd Flight

1st Place: Jason Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin – 67
2nd Place: Barry Gralheer, Gus Hagan, Jeff Kensel, Nyi Augn – 67
3rd Place: Kent Ties, Ward Potnam, Craig Causen, Pat Coffey – 68
4th Place: Melissa Odom, Mike Odom, Odom, Odom – 68

Hole #1: Alex Tipton
Hole #2: Randy Linbo
Hole #3: Alex Svehla
Hole #4: Don Saalfeld
Hole #5: Jeff Kensel
Hole #6: Joanne Langabee
Hole #7: John Rupe
Hole #8: Cole Gruber
Hole #9: Kent Ties
Hole #10: Tony Bles
Hole #11: Logan West
Hole #12: Tyler Weiss
Hole #13: Tyler B
Hole #14: Don Rush
Hole #15: John Hubbard
Hole #16: Vince Langabee
Hole #17: Darren Dubsky
Hole #18: Jose Axmear

Chili Open
Sunday, October 16th

Chili will be available all day as well as a complimentary keg.

4 Person Scramble
Tee Times start at 9 AM, end at 1 PM
$70 Per Player / $280 Per Team

Event Includes:

18 Holes with cart
Chili All Day
Flag Prizes
Dozen Titleist Velocities per team

Limited spots available- register today!

Register online!